This one is for your 15 years in the Marines…
That one was added to pay tribute to your loved ones in New York…
Then there’s the one your buddy surprised you with late-night on that dive mission…
And…that one, well that one’s just your favorite—always will be.

There are so many reasons you own a collection of challenge coins and medallions. The coolest part about your collection is the fact that each piece has its own story—its own history—your history.

Black challenge coin stand
Tiered coin stands available in walnut and black finishes. (now in stock)

Over the past 20 years, C Forbes Inc has heard countless personal stories about coins and medallions. We’ve used these stories to help develop new designs and improve upon iconic looks; and now, more than ever, we are getting asked the question: How can I display my collection?

Some folks have dozens of coins. You can’t catch them without one. They need to display their collection in a neat and orderly way. We’ve specifically developed 8 different tiered coin stands for the serious collector. Take your pick: 1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier, or 4 tier.

Tiered coin stands allow the serious collector to display anywhere from 4 to 32 coins. Made of solid walnut and finished with a handsomely dark mahogany or black stain, these coin stands are made to last. But durability isn’t the only aspect we have in mind for the serious collector.

Our tiered coin stands come in 2 different widths. The “short” versions measures 8” wide and is designed to fit in smaller spaces. Some prefer the short version because of its symmetry and look, but that’s always a personal choice we leave for you! Our “long” versions measure 16” in width and is designed to truly stand out. These tiered stands are more popular for big time collectors. Ever noticed the one that sits behind the President’s desk?

Cruise the internet and you’ll find that we aren’t the only ones making tiered stands, but we are certain that we are making one of the highest-quality tiered coin stands in the market.

Looking for something more unique? Maybe even something more creative and individual? We have a few other exclusive display options that cannot be found anywhere else.

Do you have that one favorite coin or medallion? Do you want to make your coin display a personalized item? Look no further than our exclusive peg stand designs. We’ve crafted two different sizes, and finishes to help accommodate the subtle differences in the measurement, shape and finish of your unique coin collection.

Our Wooden Coin Stand accommodates any size coin or medallion that measures less than 2” in diameter. Crafted of solid cherry wood, this small display measures 3 1/2” in height. The balance of this little stand is solid and ensures your coin won’t easily tip or fall. This size display is also offered in black stained wood with silver pegs to help match your silver coins or medallions.

Need something larger? Our Wooden Medallion Stand is designed to hold any coin or medallion that measures less than 3” in diameter. Crafted of solid cherry wood, this display measures 5” in height. A black stained option is also available with silver pegs to help better match your silver coin or medallion.

Need your gift personalized? All coin and medallion peg stands are able to accommodate small personalized plates. We have silver and brass plates that are made to match the pegs of the stand and the finish of your coin. We suggest that your inscription is less than 140 characters, but rest assured—all plates are crafted with you in mind! We never print a plate until you have reviewed the layout and look via our email proofs process. Need a specific font to match a company’s brand guidelines—no issues. Want a logo to be printed onto a plate—no issues. When we say custom we mean it!

Want to really impress? Our coin and medallion boxes are another one-of-a-kind display option for an even higher end look.

The coin display box is the most simple in design. Once again, this piece is hand crafted out of solid cherry wood and finished with a handsome mahogany stain. Open the box and you’ll find a felt lined coin rout that is made to fit a 1 3/4” challenge coin. Most “standard” size coins fit neatly into this rout, but if your coin varies in size don’t fret—more custom options are available. The coin display box can also accommodate a small personalized plate within the lid. This plate is small, so keep text to a minimum when ordering. Expect to see a proof before anything is printed or shipped.

The medallion display box is crafted with the same techniques as the coin display box. The only difference is size—our medallion display box is routed to fit a 3” diameter medallion. All custom plate options are available for this model as well—brass and silver finishes.

If you like the functionality and look of a single medallion display, then the Medallion box with Insert may be your favorite option yet! Crafted of solid cherrywood, this blue felt lined box comes with a raised removable insert. The rout within this insert is cut at a 3” diameter for most standard sized medallions. Leave the insert lying flat within the box and you give yourself the option of adding a personalized plate. Or, prop the insert up at a 45 degree angle and give your medallion display a unique depth that helps showcase the make of your medal.

Still not finding what you need to display you challenge coin or medallion collection? We have helped facilitate hundreds of custom requests for coin displays. Your next custom design is one phone call away! Browse our packaging and display gallery to get an idea of some previous custom projects we’ve completed in the past—use your creative eye and tell us what you need.

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