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Recognize the significance. Celebrate the successes. Honor the sacrifices. Commemorate the milestones.

The portfolio of C. Forbes, Inc. does not originate with us. It originates from the visions, specifications, and needs of our clients. Our mission is to design, produce and present quality, custom items that let your story be told. From coins to cufflinks to awards and gifts, the results should be unique creations formed from a collaboration of your goals and our guidance based on a depth of knowledge. We invite you to peruse our offerings and welcome the opportunity to assist in your endeavors.

Custom Challenge Coins

The origin of the Challenge Coin might go back for centuries, and it has been a part of our country’s military history for over one hundred years. Most service branches present unique coins to their members, which are intended to be carried with them at all times. These coins denote that the holder is an integral member of a specific group. Throughout the years, this military tradition has significantly broadened its scope to include diverse entities. Today, challenge coins are often presented in recognition of achievements or milestones by schools, universities, clubs, sports organizations, private and public companies, non-profits, and local police and fire departments.

Since 1998, C. Forbes, Inc. has designed and delivered the highest quality die struck custom challenge coins using an epoxy enamel inlay process for many clients, such as those listed here. In addition to traditional designs, we specialize in unique challenge coin shapes and styles, keeping the needs of each individual customer in mind. No matter how large or small the desired quantity, our favorite project is the one we are working on right now.

Custom Challenge Coins C. Forbes Inc
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Custom Anniversary C. Forbes Inc


Most companies or organizations experience only one or two milestone anniversaries. C. Forbes, Inc. has assisted in the recognition, celebration or commemoration of hundreds. Medallions for West Point’s Bicentennial, a five-piece set of commemorative coins for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, limited edition collectors coins, along with custom boxes, for the 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversaries of 9/11, and a wide variety of commemorative merchandise for the Centennial of World War One have been created for events we have been privileged to support. In addition, custom gun boxes and coins for the 30th anniversary of Beretta’s M9 pistol as well as items celebrating the Centennial of Flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina are proudly listed on our roster of anniversary programs. We share in your enthusiasm for the proper recognition of your significant event.

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Should your award design seem like a daunting task, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Art Department team. Gathering details about your specific award and its intended recipient will allow us to assist in the creation of an award that conveys its unique significance. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, the National Park Service, and National Aeronautic Association are a few of the diverse entities for which we have designed awards. Whether for a quantity of one or one thousand, your award can be crafted from a long list of materials, including brass, pewter, etched glass, lucite, crystal, wood and marble. The ability to showcase your award in custom frames, shadow boxes or display boxes offers additional options for presentation.

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Larger than a traditional challenge coin, medallions offer the opportunity for greater visibility of detail and coloring. Rather than an object to carry, they are well suited for display in a variety of ways. If you would like to create a custom, die struck medallion, we have a team of die cutters that can sculpt your design. Our in-house Art Department will assist in every phase of the process from inception to completion.

In 2001, C. Forbes, Inc. was privileged to have our design selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee as the official Inaugural medallion for President George W. Bush. Competing with numerous entries for the contract, our young company received one of the highest honors a medal striking business can achieve. Other noteworthy custom medallions in our portfolio include NATO’s 50th Anniversary, The White House Press Room renovation, the Postmaster General Medal of Freedom, and the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation medallion. C. Forbes, Inc. was equally honored to be approached by the Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative to assist with supporting their work in the local community. Large or small, we are honored to play a supporting role.


Cufflinks have become one of our most requested jewelry items. Stylish and distinctive, our artists are able to incorporate detailed designs on both the front and back of cufflink sets. A variety of cufflink construction methods and materials allow for added creativity. Members of Congress, Smithsonian museums, U.S. presidents, Secret Service agents and military officials alike are among the many customers for which our firm has created exclusive designs.

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Custom Cufflinks C. Forbes Inc
Custom Lapels C Forbes Inc

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are often worn as small visible symbols of membership, but can also be worn as tokens of remembrance. The creativity of a design should not be limited by the size of a lapel pin. With precision in design composition, C. Forbes, Inc. has helped create lapel pins in the shape of dinosaurs for the Smithsonian, waving flags for U.S. presidents, and official logos for The George Washington University. Within a timeline of 10 days after the tragedy of 9/11, C. Forbes, Inc. designed, produced and delivered thousands of Pentagon Remembrance lapel pins for a ceremony held in Washington, D.C. Similarly, adherence to our high standards for quality and craftsmanship led to the design and manufacture of a small quantity of limited edition lapel pins for the African Development Foundation.

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Meaningful Gifts

If you are searching for a unique gift, you’ve come to the right place. Whether a one-of-a-kind or for large-scale presentations, we offer the same level of attention to detail and design. It is our belief that budget parameters should never limit creativity. Our dedication to quality and value will ensure that your gift will make a lasting impression for years to come. Our Stores section may offer items, in-stock and ready to ship, that are suitable for gifting. Should a custom gift be your choice, examples we have designed and produced include coaster sets, hand-painted belt buckles, personalized paperweights and etched knives. Custom scarves, neckties, china and crystal bowls, and even umbrellas have been presented as gifts to the delight of recipients.

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Custom Gifts C. Forbes Inc

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