bush golf glove

We are reflecting today about our nation’s 41st President and the impact he has had on so much of our history as a nation, as well as our company. From his service in WWII, all the way into his post-presidential years, George H.W. Bush’s significance will be felt for many years to come. Chip was around Washington a lot in the Bush 41 days as a young sales rep for another company. He told us a story about the golf glove pictured in this post (from the C. Forbes Archives).

Back then, Chip called on offices at the White House. One day, he dropped off a sample glove with his contact at the White House. This glove showed the Presidential Seal on the velcro flap, and a Dunlop ball marker just behind. One day the glove was laying on the corner of that contact’s desk when then-President Bush walked passed and noticed the glove, asking where he could get some. This request from the President turned into an immediate order. The ordered gloves then became a regular hand-out from President Bush when he played a round of golf with his friends and colleagues.

Through that unique encounter, Chip has gotten to service several similar projects with every POTUS since.

We are remembering George H.W. Bush today and always. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who knew and loved him most – The Bush Family.

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