In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate gifting and recognition, C. Forbes, Inc. is proud to present its latest publication: Our all-new 2024 Lookbook. This comprehensive catalog showcases our wide array of offerings, featuring a diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of both federal and corporate clients nationwide. Whether you’re seeking to honor achievements, foster team morale, or strengthen business relationships, C. Forbes, Inc. has you covered. In this post, we’ll dive into the Lookbook’s categories, and explore some of our brand and service partners.

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Service Awards and Recognition

Recognition is the cornerstone of every successful organization, and our Lookbook starts with a collection of awards that embody excellence. From elegantly designed 3D trophies to sleek plaques and shadowboxes, these items are crafted to honor the achievements of individuals and teams, highlighting their dedication and hard work.

Medallics: Challenge Coins and Medals

In the realm of military tradition and corporate branding, challenge coins hold a special place. Our Lookbook includes a few examples of challenge coins that can be customized to capture the essence of your organization. These designed-and-made-to-order coins not only serve as a symbol of identity but also as a powerful tool to acknowledge accomplishments and foster camaraderie.

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Executive Gifts

Recognizing the contributions of your company’s top brass is crucial, and our Lookbook has a curated assortment of executive gifts. From personalized desk accessories to high-end watches, these items are a testament to our commitment to quality and sophistication. They serve as a token of appreciation for your leadership’s unwavering dedication.

Pens and Journals

A good pen is a timeless gift, and in our Lookbook, you’ll find an array of fine writing instruments that make for exceptional corporate gifts. Paired with finely crafted journals, these sets offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style, enabling individuals to capture their thoughts and ideas elegantly.

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To keep your clients and employees refreshed, our Lookbook features a diverse range of drinkware options. From classic mugs to eco-friendly water bottles and sleek thermoses, you can find the perfect way to promote your brand while ensuring that your stakeholders stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.

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Gear and Tech

In a world driven by technology, our Gear and Tech section offers a collection of cutting-edge gadgets and accessories that make for impressive corporate gifts. From sleek power banks and wireless chargers to smart tech items like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, this category merges functionality with innovation. These items are not only practical but also demonstrate your commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

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Apparel and Bags

Corporate identity is not limited to the boardroom; it extends to every facet of your organization. Our Lookbook now includes a section dedicated to Apparel and Bags, offering a selection of high-quality branded apparel and bags. Whether you need stylish embroidered corporate apparel for your team or durable, customized bags for your clients, our collection ensures that your brand remains in the spotlight while providing utility and style.

Highly Customized Plaques

In addition to our standard awards and recognition plaques, our Lookbook also presents an exclusive category of highly customized plaques. These are designed for those truly exceptional moments that demand a one-of-a-kind commemoration. Tailored to your specific requirements, these plaques reflect the unique stories and achievements of your organization.

Service Awards, Challenge Coins, Branded Merchandise


Our company’s new Lookbook is more than just a catalog of products; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence, quality, and client satisfaction. Whether you’re celebrating milestones, fostering team spirit, reinforcing relationships, embracing the latest in tech and gear, or enhancing your corporate identity with branded apparel and bags, our wide range of offerings ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs. As we continue to serve federal and corporate clients nationwide, we invite you to explore our Lookbook and discover the exceptional products that can help you achieve your recognition and gifting goals.

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