fly brothers tying for tuition
(Virginia “Fly Brothers” hand-made flies.)

It was a cold and rainy Saturday and the C. Forbes, Inc. team was setting up America’s Favorite Flies merchandise for a weekend of sales at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival. Dad and I were setting products, loading the iPad prices, and getting ready for the day. As we got situated we began meeting the other vendors. Directly next to the America’s Favorite Flies booth sat two young men – Palmer and Mason Kasprowicz; their company name was Flies by Two Brothers.

In a manner by which their mother would be proud, Palmer and Mason introduced themselves and showed us their hand-tied flies.  Hundreds of hooks and feathers were neatly organized and labeled in small bins. Palmer and Mason displayed enough flies to cover an entire folding table! From dry flies to wet flies, streamers to nymphs, and midges to poppers, the Kasprowiczs had it covered. Not only were these young men selling flies from their inventory, but they were also set up to tie new flies on site for the weekend-long event.

We continued to ask Palmer and Mason about their story and they delightfully informed us about their start as a small business.  The business idea initiated from their love for the sport of fly fishing. They spoke about their shared fishing adventures as brothers, and about the shared passion they both had for the technicalities of the sport. Realizing they had the skills to tie flies for themselves and find success in catching, the two brothers set forth a business plan to help others find the same success. Along the way, these young men also planned on putting a piece of their profit towards a college education (we told you their mother would be proud).

As visitors filed into the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival, it was amazing to watch just how many stopped their stroll to watch Palmer and Mason tie flies on the spot. No one at the entire show was as young, or as skilled as the 2 Brothers. Their flies could hardly make it off the vise before landing into someone’s shopping bag!

After sharing that weekend with the 2 Brothers, we realized that Palmer and Mason could help the mission of America’s Favorite Flies in a unique way. Sometime later we approached 2 Brothers and asked if they could tie replica flies found within America’s Favorite Flies. Palmer and Mason happily agreed and picked out four specific flies. The four flies that were chosen are as listed and shown; these flies can also be found with the America’s Favorite Flies book on the following pages:

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(The AFF program has expired)

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