Communication was vital in trench warfare during World War
One; mistakes could be fatal. Front line units needed to know where their
neighbors were, while commanding officers working behind the lines could only
control their men if they had reliable information. Telephone, radio and
carrier pigeons were all used in this endeavor. However, it was messengers,
known as trench runners, who had the perilous duty of bearing messages from one
area or command unit to another.

As the
Official Licensee for the World War One Centennial merchandise program, C. Forbes, Inc. is offering this vintage-inspired Messenger Pouch which combines function and
style while conveying American pride. Made in the USA, this dark khaki pouch,
with room for keys, wallet, tablet and documents, proudly displays a distressed
“U.S.” insignia on the outside flap, and includes an exclusive garment label
commemorating the U.S. Centennial of World War One. Constructed of touch dyed
canvas, with adjustable leather tab closure with collar button stud. Nylon
adjustable strap and two internal pockets.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item goes
towards the funding of the national WW1 Memorial. For more information on the
World War One Centennial Commission, please visit: For
additional World War One Centennial merchandise, please visit or our website.

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