In an effort to commemorate and educate the public about the sacrifices given by the servicemen and women of World War I, C. Forbes, Inc. is proud to present these two beautifully designed cufflinks and lapel pin. Each commemorative piece incorporates the same design, a design that respectfully illustrates the strength it took to fight in the “Great War”. Standing alone, yet humbly resilient, is the depiction of a U.S. soldier and the colors of our nation’s flag.

The American soldier entered World War One under the presidential leadership of Woodrow Wilson—America’s 28th president. After facing the difficult decision to abandon his stance on neutrality, President Wilson set to enter the conflicts in Europe in order to support and defend the allied forces—the nations who believed in the ideals of peace against the aggressive German forces. The First World War was a war unlike any other before. United States involvement in Europe was substantial to say the least. The many brave soldiers that served in this war should never be forgotten; for their mission to bring about peace was enacted through heavy loss. It has always been the undertaking of the United States armed forces to advocate freedom around the world. WWI was no exception to this policy, and clearly defined America as a powerful force for world-wide peace.

By purchasing commemorative lapel pins and cufflinks you can do your part to never forget this “Great War”—WWI. As decorative items of wardrobe, one will be constantly reminded of the great American valor for peace; while simultaneously sporting handsome pieces of memorabilia. Please pick up your very own set of cufflinks and be sure not to forget to add a lapel pin for whatever occasion you may find fitting.

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