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Small in size, yet large in meaning, lapel pins offer a visible way to display a wide range of logos, symbols or messages. Intricate detail can be incorporated when proper execution techniques are observed. Check out our gallery for unlimited options.

Lapel pins are often worn as small visible symbols of membership, but can also be worn as tokens of remembrance. The creativity of a design should not be limited by the size of a lapel pin. With precision in design composition, C. Forbes, Inc. has helped create lapel pins in the shape of dinosaurs for the Smithsonian, waving flags for U.S. presidents, and official logos for The George Washington University. Within a timeline of 10 days after the tragedy of 9/11, C. Forbes, Inc. designed, produced and delivered thousands of Pentagon Remembrance lapel pins for a ceremony held in Washington, D.C.

Similarly, adherence to our high standards for quality and craftsmanship led to the design and manufacture of a small quantity of limited edition lapel pins for the African Development Foundation.

C. Forbes, Inc. lapel pins receive the same level of attention to detail as any of our custom designs. Although small in size, these wearable designs are capable of expressing a wide range of messages. Our in-house Art Department can offer guidance regarding materials, shapes, and finishes that will result in the optimal execution of your design. The materials used in production can include pewter, brass, silver, bronze or gold. In an effort to retain high quality designs, our pins can be adorned with jewels, finished with a hand-painted enamel, and feature matte or high-polish finishes.

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Following the attacks of 9/11, President George W. Bush began wearing a simple and understated United States flag lapel pin as a way of reinforcing the resilience of the American spirit. Our firm was humbled to provide its design and production, a small role, given the scope of events. This gesture started a U.S. presidential tradition that has continued throughout subsequent administrations. Our almost unlimited portfolio of custom lapel pins includes creations for branches of the military, first responders, schools and universities, foundations and non-profit organizations, museums, memorials, and milestone anniversaries.

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