Get a custom design in 3 Easy Steps

Step One

The first step is easy and FREE!  You can complete the form below, email Chip Forbes at, or contact our office at 804.784.7300 with specifics about your project or event. We’ll talk about your needs as well things like design options, turnaround, and pricing. If it’s a fit, we begin your FREE custom design. A simple sketch, photo attachment or written objectives can be used to fulfill your request. Our in-house Design Services department can begin the process with whatever information and/or input you have available, with an emphasis on keeping it easy.

Step Two

After you receive your complimentary artwork, we can begin the review, revise and approval process. We have some of the best designers in the industry who design for the specific requirements and limitations of coins, pins, and medallions. Artwork and revisions are always free. Our in-house Design Services department will work alongside you throughout the entire process ensuring quality and on-time delivery are a success.

Let’s Get Started

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Step Three

Our hope is to make each of the three steps easy, so all we need to place your order is your “Ship to” and “Bill to” information. With this, we begin production!

A note about “easy.” – When we say easy, we mean easy for you. With 20+ years of experience in this product space, successfully designing and delivering the highest quality coins, medallions and pins is far from easy. Our clients have come to know us for our exceptional service, striking designs, and impressive quality. So much so, we’ve grown our business almost solely by referral. At C. Forbes, Inc., we deliver on our promises.

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The variables can be numerous: budget, timing, product type, quantity, materials, packaging, production, suppliers, and shipping. Our experience and expertise can assist you in these areas.

A discussion about your event, commemoration, or milestone celebration will result in a plan of action to achieve your goals. The only limits we have are your specifications. Whether the quantity produced is one, or ten thousand, the steps taken will be the same.

Our in-house creative department is always happy to provide complimentary spec art. We also welcome working with your staff to complete a concept or design.

There is no substitute for stellar customer service. A friendly, knowledgeable and helpful person on the other end of the line assures the hands-on approach we strive to provide.


The finished products of our collaborations have been showcased at some of the country’s most recognizable landmarks, institutions, corporations and historic sites. Adding your custom creation to our portfolio would be a privilege.

The most valuable commodity of C. Forbes, Inc. is the relationships we develop with our clients. It is a privilege to highlight this diverse list of customers who have entrusted us with their needs and reputations.

The portfolio of C. Forbes, Inc. does not originate with us. It originates from the visions, specifications, and needs of our clients. Our mission is to design, produce and present quality, custom items that let your story be told. From collectibles to commemoratives to gifts and awards, the results should be unique creations formed by a collaboration of your goals and our expertise.

With a collective work experience of well over 100 years, the team at C. Forbes, Inc. has identified five key attributes for achieving success: “Telling Your Story”; Creativity; Quality Craftsmanship; Experience; and Customer Service.


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