Footage from a recent turkey hunt – Sam Forbes.

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”

– William Wordsworth

It is for this love of our planet and the bountiful resources of all God’s creation that C. Forbes endeavors to do our part to help minimize man’s negative impact on our environment. Our love for the outdoors, hunting and fishing compels us to take an active role in healthy homelands and wildlife, keeping them accessible and enjoyable today and for generations to come.

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We demonstrate this commitment to eco-friendliness through the following initiatives:


We sort and participate in various sustainable recycling programs for paper, plastic, scrap metal, corrugated, and pallets.


we offer carbon neutral shipping

As a small business that receives and ships a substantial volume direct to consumer, we participate in solutions to offset our transportation emissions. UPS® carbon neutral, renewable packaging materials, and corporate waste recycling are some of the ways we do this.


Even though trees are a renewable resource, we strive to go paperless in our communications, records, and bookkeeping wherever feasible. What paper we use, we store for a period and then shred and recycle.

Green Procurement

From office supplies to coffee, to product sourcing for our clients, we propose to recommend sources that come from companies that are greener. As for C. Forbes, we buy green whenever possible.


As a company that engages in eco-thoughtfulness, we educate and encourage our team members to do the same – at work and at home.


We seek out and partner with organizations like America’s Favorite Flies, whose mission is to support healthy fisheries through advocacy and fundraising. In addition, organizations like the World War I Centennial Commission, whose mission is to repurpose an underutilized public park into the only WW1 Memorial in our nation’s capital, are helping to revitalize natural space into a destination the public can once again enjoy.

Upcycle & Repurpose

In the spirit of historical preservation, C. Forbes, Inc. is often commissioned to design and provide unique gifts and awards that incorporate reclaimed and salvaged materials from historical places in our nation’s history – material like magnolia prunings from a tree planted by Andrew Jackson; marble from the White House, Supreme Court and U.S. Capitol; wood flooring planks from the Oval Office and the USS Constitution; sandstone from the West Wing; retired vintage banners from the Smithsonian; dirt from significant groundbreakings; even in our own office displays and archival shelves. These are just a few examples of our commitment to these ideals.

c forbes green logo

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