Since 1995, the mission of Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF) has been “Educating The Children of Those Who Sacrificed All.” This mission is accomplished by the various ways in which the group raises funds to help pay for scholarships for children of fallen soldiers. Just this year, MC-LEF increased their scholarship award for each child to $35,000. Since its inception, MC-LEF as awarded $76 million in educational accounts and other humanitarian assistance to over 4100 recipients.

“We have only one paid employee and, therefore, the vast majority of our efforts are performed by a dedicated group of volunteers who run our various events…donor funds are predominantly used to accomplish our mission.”

MC-CLEF (2019, April 5) Retrieved from

As spouses, parents, and friends of those who serve – we are aware of the possibility that one day we might get the call that our loved one has fallen in the line of duty. We prepare ourselves for the reality that some sort of accident or violence could bring to our personal lives. Most children, however, haven’t acquired this view on the uncertainty of life. This is why the mission of MC-LEF is so important. For those who serve, it’s good to know that MC-LEF will help fund and support the future education of one’s children if tragedy does enter.

What is more important than to protect and fight for the future of a young American child? No child should suffer the loss of his or her future potential because their mother or father gave all to protect this very freedom for all American citizens.

This photo gallery showcases just some of the ways that C. Forbes, Inc. has collaborated and supported the work of MC-LEF over the years. From programs to awards and other presentation gifts, each design is meaningful and reflects the heart of this great foundation.

This week (April 11) Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation holds its 2019 Semper Fidelis Gala in NYC. The Black Tie – Military Evening Dress event will honor the year’s accomplishments and entertain donors, active duty officers, and other distinguished guests. Please consider becoming involved and donating by reading more here:

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