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Project Story: Olympic Pins and Challenge Coins

The collecting and exchanging of pins (lapel pins) is a long-held tradition of the Olympic Games, dating back to the 1896 Summer Games in Athens. One might say the pins are as much a spectacle as the games themselves. Athletes, spectators, journalists, and delegates all take part in the pin trading tradition. Pins are displayed on lanyards, hats, jackets, and bags, and are the topic of discussion and enjoyed throughout the various events and games. For many, it serves as the most cherished memento of their attendance and participation.

Over recent years, C. Forbes has had the privilege of designing and providing various pins, as well as coins and medallions related to the Salt Lake 2002 Games + London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016 and the recent games in Pyeong Chang 2018, presented by various delegates and administrations.

One special project was in celebration of the USA Bobsled Bronze Medal in Salt Lake 2002 by commision of team member Michael Kahn. This win was significant as he and his team medaled for the first time in US Olympic bob slay history. A few years later Kahn became a team coach the medals kept coming, solidifying the US Bobsled Team as a force in the Olympic Winter Games.

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All photos from are Wikipedia or State Department websites and are public domain.

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