us flag draped from pentagon
Image: Pentagon 2020. Joint Staff Public Affairs. Public Domain.

We all remember where we were on September 11, 2001. We’ve all had the conversations. The days following were primarily a blur. Patriots were scrambling in Shanksville, PA, New York City and in Washington, DC at the Pentagon. Was another attack coming? What danger would the terrorist pose to our nation and the rest of the world?

Shortly after the attacks the folks at the Pentagon, to their credit, decided it was important to show the world America’s strength and resolve. A decision was made between the White House and the Pentagon to have a memorial service exactly one month later, October 11, 2001 on the grounds at the North Entrance of the Pentagon. A ceremony that to this day, other than the loss of a loved one, is the most emotional I’ve had the privilege of attending.

Approximately 15 days prior to the ceremony C. Forbes, Inc. was asked if they could provide 30,000 custom lapel pins (on cards) to hand out to the attendees. Working closely with the talented folks in DoD Graphics the United in Memory design was finalized and production began. It required the burning of some midnight oil, but nobody complained about the long hours. Everybody in production was focused on both the privilege and their duty to help with the ceremony.

We’ve decided to carry on the tradition with a collection of 20th Anniversary Commemoratives. Our team will be wearing and giving these tokens in the days leading up to and on Patriot Day 2021. Join us in this momentous practice.

About The Design

20th anniversary of 9/11 commemorative coin
9/11 20th Anniversary Commemorative Coin (obverse)

The obverse design is striking in several aspects. The first being the “9/11” date including the World Trade Center towers backing up the 11, representing the events that shook New York City on that dreadful morning, ultimately taking 2606 souls and injuring many thousands more. The use of aspect, hand shading and high relief make these elements seem to rise off of the surface of the coin.

The next we see the Pentagon – a reminder of the attack that occurred when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the West wall at 9:37 A.M., taking 189 souls and injuring scores more.

Then we have Shanksville, where United Airlines Flight 93 and it’s occupants met their fate, appearing with all three locations around the edges of the Pentagon shape. The outer ring includes the occasion and roman numeral XX for 20 years of United In Memory.

The reverse, in contrast, features a dove in flight, carrying an olive branch – a symbol of hope, peace, and the rebirth of the American Spirit that arose out of this tragedy.

9/11 20th Anniversary Commemorative Coin (reverse)
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