2020 Limited Edition Commemorative Coin

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the 9/11 Memorial Museum collection of  Commemorative Coins: The 2020 Limited Edition “In Darkness We Shine Brightest” Coin.

2020 Limited Edition Coin | 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Behind the black folding doors of this bi-fold, 3 panel custom box you’ll find this year’s silver challenge coin nestled into a foam cut-out window. On the reverse side you’ll find the iconic 9/11 Memorial & Museum logo centered within a handsome black enamel inlay. This rounded design is bordered by an evenly placed dimensional border.

2020 Limited Edition Coin | 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Flip the coin over to the obverse side and you’ll find the heroic Twin Towers rising out of the darkness. The tops of the towers stretch from out of the inner circle of hand-painted black enamel and across the raised silver border of the coin. Although this coin’s colors are simple, the two dimensional silver towers stand bold and heroic–as they did for years!

Around the border of the obverse side reads the line “In Darkness We Shine Brightest”. This bold and capitalized statement is further pronounced with a blue and white enamel fill. These colors give justice to the brightness and resolve of American spirit. On the back of the box reads this strong quote, “Together Americans gave each other strength and hope for the future. This design reflects the nation’s inherent strength and resilience.”

Polished with a clean, nickel silver finish, this commemorative coin makes a handsome addition to the series of coins C. Forbes, Inc. has designed and produced for the museum over the past 7 years.

The partnership between C. Forbes, Inc. and the 9/11 Memorial Museum began back in 2014 when the museum’s gift shop first introduced the “Honor and Remember” Limited edition coin. The coin box became an instant favorite for guests of the museum grounds and exhibits. It became the perfect memento for guests to take home and remember all they had learned, witnessed, and contemplated during their visit.

It has been fun to witness the growth of a particular product like these coins. Challenge coins are a military tradition, but we have helped coins leak outside of our military branches. In the case of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, challenge coins have become important artistic pieces for many. They are subtle in their design, yet they carry with them a weight that is far greater than any other small memento could carry on its own. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see how this coin’s art helps to mend the brokenness that comes from darkness and shine forth the brightest light of hope for the future.

C. Forbes, Inc’s Framed Collection of 9/11 Memorial & Museum Coins

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