When is comes to quality and detail, as well as importance, high relief 3D Challenge Coins and Medallions are special. (Due to various sizes and features, for the sake of this article, we will refer to all as medallions.)

When someone goes above and beyond the call of duty, Large Custom Medallions are an indelible way to recognize their efforts, sacrifice, and achievement. A high quality medal commemorates the giver and recipient’s sense of accomplishment, and can be a linch pin in establishing a long-lasting impact within the organization.

Because they are more personalized and fit wholly in hand, high-relief medallions highlight the individual above the group, the exceptional above the expected, and their details are felt just as well as they are seen.

C. Forbes is a premier designer and provider of quality medallions in various shapes, sizes, and finishes. High relief, die-struck designs are common among some our our most notable projects. They are more expensive than the smaller, more conventional designs because they take more skill to design, and a higher level of craftsmanship to mint. They are reserved for the highest in prestige and honors.

Die Struck Medallion for NASA

To illustrate, this is why Olympic Champions aren’t merely awarded a trophy or a plaque. They stand and receive a ribboned medal, struck in high, 3D relief from precious metals. These awards last forever, long past the lifetimes of the giver and recipient. They appear in family heirloom collections and in museums.

When giving an award of this magnitude, you’re telling the recipient and all of their descendants – “This person or accomplishment mattered enough to be recognize in this way.” They’ll have it and hold it, as will their friends and family, then, their friends and family, and on and on for generations.

Large Medallions are a great choice if there are several recipients over longer periods of time that may receive any sort of supreme or apex recognition such as:

  • Top Sales Awards
  • Presidents Awards
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Impact Awards
  • Top Leaders
  • Halls Of Fame
  • Retirement/Departure Awards
  • Top Producers
  • Top Donors
  • Best Of Show

High Relief Examples

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