Grave Digger. Backstabber. Pat’s Rubberlegs. Brooks Blonde. Lefty’s Deceiver. Crazy Charlie.  If these names sound familiar to you, chances are good that fly fishing is your sport. Otherwise, you may run with a colorful crowd. We at C. Forbes, Inc. are excited to announce the launch of a new venture as the Official Licensee of America’s Favorite Flies, a public organization billed as “a continental collaboration for healthier waters and fisheries.”

Kickoff Celebration

A kickoff celebration held May 24, 2017, at the offices of C. Forbes, Inc. served as the official launch of a new website and exclusive America’s Favorite Flies custom-label merchandise. Attendees had the chance to share stories and experiences, and partake in refreshments at Kindred Spirit Brewing, which graciously donated a portion of proceeds to the James River Association.

The Book: America’s Favorite Flies

This signature endeavor, coordinated by John Bryan and Rob Carter, with David Watterworth as Chief Instigator, and John Henley as Chief Photographer, is scheduled for release in 2017. America’s Favorite Flies will incorporate stunning photographs and descriptive text of flies submitted by 224 “pro bono hero” collaborators throughout North America. With over 600 pages, the full color, hardcover book includes biographies of the contributors, including Former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalyn Carter, John Bryan, Lefty Kreh, Jeff Wimer, Paul Volcker, and David Watterworth, along with special essays on various topics by a group of hand-picked fly fishing and fly tying experts.

Contributors are from all walks of life: writers, artists, magazine publishers, television personalities, and wounded warriors.  America’s Favorites Flies will be a must-have addition to the libraries of each and every fly fisher, tyer, fishing enthusiast, armchair fly fisher, and anyone else interested in the magical sport of fly fishing. Equally important is the fact that all of the contributors and partners are giving their time 100% pro bono, enabling proceeds to be gifted equally to two deserving entities: The James River Association and the Native Fish Society in support of their efforts to protect and sustain healthy waters and native fisheries.

Proceeds Gifted to Key Organizations

The James River Association (JRA) is named after Virginia’s 348 mile – long James River that begins in mountain trout waters, continues through free-flowing smallmouth and musky waters, slows into tidal largemouth and catfish waters that welcome annual migrations of stripers, shad, and sturgeon, and concludes amid bluefish and flounder at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Native Fish Society (NFS) fills a vital role in the conservation and recovery of wild, native fish in the Pacific Northwest. The Society’s work includes its on-the-ground River Steward Program, empowering advocates to safeguard over 80 waterways ranging from the Skagit River in North Puget Sound to the Deschutes and Rogue Rivers in Oregon and as far south as Northern California’s Russian River.

Custom-Label America’s Favorite Flies Merchandise and Collectibles

Please visit the online store to shop for apparel, drinkware, leather goods, hats, jewelry, limited-edition framed Bunyan Bug flies, and the America’s Favorite Flies poster, described as “one of the great visual statements of our time” available in 4 sizes suitable for framing. You will notice that each custom item features the exclusive America’s Favorites Flies logo – a steelhead Grave Digger fly, originated and tied by Jeff Wimer. Or, if you’re in town, stop by our offices in West Creek Parkway for a first-hand look.

Ways to Stay Informed and Involved

Please join us as we “cast off” on this new adventure and continue to expand knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing and the opportunity to support the efforts of the James River Association and the Native Fish Society. Over 1200 members follow or share their personal experiences, highlights and photos; helpful tips; favorite flies and fishing spots; and all things fly fishing. America’s Favorite Flies can be accessed in a variety of ways: the America’s Favorite Flies website, a collaboration between Chief Web Developer Impak Technical, and C. Forbes, Inc.; Facebook, or via the America’s Favorite Flies link on the C. Forbes, Inc. website. Also consider joining the AFF email list, which will allow us to send you a message when the book is finalized.

Please contact us for more information on our products and customization process. Our mission is to design, produce and present quality, custom items that tell your story. We welcome the opportunity to combine your goals with our expertise to properly commemorate your unique anniversary, event or organization.

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