Communication was vital in trench warfare during World War
One; mistakes could be fatal. Messengers, known as trench runners, had the
perilous duty of bearing messages from one area or command unit to another. You can
own and wear a part of history with these standard issue U.S. Army “trench
boots”, which were designed based on function and reliability.  Available
exclusively through the United States World War One Centennial merchandise
program, managed by
C.Forbes, Inc., this limited edition 1917 Field Service Shoe is made in the USA as it
was one hundred years ago.

In 1916, the U.S. Army was watching the situation in Europe
and modified an existing boot to use a shoe last designed by Lt. Col. Munson,
M.D. The new last allowed for a closer fit to the foot and fewer injuries for
the troops. Millions of pairs of the 1917 Field Service Shoe were produced, and
remained the only approved design by the U.S. Army until the 1960’s. Each pair
is authentically handmade to order, in the style and tradition of the great
makers of the twentieth century. Made on milspec Munson lasts. Uppers are
stuffed harness leather.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item goes
towards the funding of the national WW1 Memorial. For more information on the
World War One Centennial Commission, please visit: For
additional World War One Centennial merchandise, please visit  or our website.


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