The year 1914 marked the beginning of World War One, often referenced as “the Great War”, for our European allies. As the centennial of U.S. involvement approaches in 2017, plans are underway to honor the sacrifices of a past generation. The Great War redefined the boundaries of combat as new technologies further advanced methods of the offensive. The casualties of World War I were horrifying; more than 9 million soldiers died in the conflicts that took place in central Europe, including 116,000 Americans, and the appalling count of 7 million civilians. Undoubtedly one of the bloodiest wars ever fought, World War I commemoration sadly lacks appropriate recognition.

Thankfully, our contemporary Congress has designated Pershing Park in the District of Columbia as the national World War One Memorial site. This Act allows the service members of the First World War to be remembered nationally. Through the planning of events and activities, the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission is working to fund and construct a National Memorial worthy of the valor it took to fight a “Great War”. 

As the Official Licensee of the World War I Centennial Commission, C. Forbes, Inc. is proud to offer commemorative merchandise that expands the knowledge of the war’s significance. It is a goal of the Commission to further educate those who know little about the ones who served—may those men and women never be forgotten.

For more detailed information on the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission, please visit their website. For further information on the partnership C. Forbes, Inc. has as Official Licensee, feel free to contact us.

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