If you are searching for a unique gift, you’ve come to the right place. Whether a one-of-a-kind or for large-scale presentations, we offer the same level of attention to detail and design. It is our belief that budget parameters should never limit creativity. Our dedication to quality and value will ensure that your gift will make a lasting impression for years to come. Our Stores section may offer items, in-stock and ready to ship, that are suitable for gifting. Should a custom gift be your choice, examples we have designed and produced include coaster sets, hand-painted belt buckles, personalized paperweights, and etched knives. Custom scarves, neckties, china and crystal bowls, and even umbrellas have been presented as gifts to the delight of recipients.

Once your item has been designed and produced, show it off! Our exceptional custom solutions for packaging and display offer something for everyone and every budget.

Are you a collector of coins or medallions? Do you have a prestigious award that deserves a proper way for its presentation? Maybe you have a small collection of novelties that need organization or a unique piece that needs to be framed. Have you ever thought about dropping that little knick-knack into a lucite plaque? Please take a closer look through our gallery for additional insight into how we’ve helped our customers tell their stories.

In-stock display stands include cherry wood and ebony wood coin and medallion stands, plaques displaying personalized certificates and medallions, desk nameplates and custom wooden coaster holders. Our merchandise line-up also includes our three-tiered walnut coin stand. All of our displays are popular with new and seasoned coin collectors alike.

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Packaging and Display

C. Forbes, Inc. has assisted with custom presentations ranging from United States Secret Service-PPD Service awards to Christmas ornaments for the Vice President’s residence. If you have a special piece of history that you would like preserved, we have the ability to capture it in a unique and lasting manner. For example, we were honored to collaborate on preserving original wood from the U.S.S. Constitution as it underwent restoration. Wood pieces embedded in lucite resulted in commemorative plaques that were given as official gifts by the Secretary of the Navy.

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