Military Traditions

In some of the earliest historical mentions, commemorative coins were presented as a way to recognize the achievements and advancements of soldiers in the Roman Empire. This tradition continued in American history, as challenge coins were presented during World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War.

Today, these elegantly unique coins are still presented to military units in almost every branch of service. It’s not uncommon to see members of the military challenge one another while carrying their own special coin. When asked to present their coin at any given place or time, the challenge is on!

Other Occasions

Over the decades, this tradition has carried over into business and civilian circles. Executives often present challenge coins (and medallions) for various occasions. Whether to commemorate a significant anniversary or to recognize or award achievement or to show appreciation, a quality custom challenge coin is high-touch, leaves quite an impression, and becomes a memento the giver and receiver can display and cherish for a lifetime. 

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Non-Profit Organizations


Law Enforcement

Fire and Rescue


Since its inception, our firm has honored the tradition of creating challenge coins for military units of all service branches. In addition, many public safety departments have begun requesting custom coins to present to members of fire, rescue and police departments across the nation. Some are given to members of the department as a physical reminder of the importance of working as a team. Others are presented in commemoration of a significant event, happening or tragedy.

Though the presentation of challenge coins may have started (and continues to thrive) in the military, such coins are now often customized for non-military organizations, events or causes. With well over 100 years of combined craftsmanship experience, C. Forbes, Inc. collaborates with customers to create a wide variety of custom coins that incorporate individual stories, visions, and history.

Organizations including clubs, colleges, businesses and church groups have also benefitted from the high level of customer service at C. Forbes, Inc. Their participation in the design and revision process continues until final approval is given for the finished challenge coin design. Regardless of the project’s nature, our in-house Art Department has the experience to make your dream a reality.   

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