The signing of documents with historical significance is often an occasion to be commemorated. Such was the case with the pen used by General Douglas MacArthur to sign the Japanese surrender documents that ended WWII. MacArthur used his wife’s 20-year-old Parker Duofold pen to sign the documents on the U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945. C. Forbes, Inc. was able to get special permission from Parker Pen to fabricate a limited edition run of 60 Orange Duofold pens on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary. Each Duofold was decorated with a special World War II emblem and numbered. The creation of custom packaging was the next big step. A custom wooden box was designed to house the writing instrument, bottled ink, custom numbered brass plate and certificate of authenticity. The custom wooden box was then packaged in a custom two-piece, gold- stamped, blue presentation box. Enthusiastic collectors purchased the set quickly. This is yet another example of the respect we all share for our country’s greatest generation.

World War II Commemorative Parker Pen