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In the dawning days of our great nation, a tradition of gift giving among government leaders and their colleagues was established. Presidents, as well as other government officials, presented gifts to their counterparts as tokens of respect, appreciation, and good will. These gifts were often elegant and expressed gratitude for a specific achievement or event that deserved remembrance.

Established in 1998, and based in Richmond, Virginia, C. Forbes, Inc. is honored to continue this tradition by turning creativity and service into custom creations designed, produced and delivered to meet each customer’s unique specifications.

As with most companies that achieve success, the first chapter begins where preparation meets opportunity. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Chip Forbes began calling on corporate accounts in Richmond while working for a specialty advertising firm in 1982. His talent for transforming creative solutions into tangible results developed into a passion.

An invitation to the Presidential Prayer Breakfast from Chris Halverson – son of Senate Chaplain Richard Halverson – would become a stepping stone into the Washington, D.C. market. While at the event in 1990, during the George H.W. Bush (“Bush 41”) administration, Chip was introduced to individuals who gradually became regular contacts.

Monthly trips up the I-95 corridor to D.C., calling on the U.S. Senate Stationery Store, became weekly trips and an increase in accounts as the business grew. Word spread about unique creations coupled with stellar customer service and Chip’s reputation continued to cultivate new clients on a larger scale.

Fast forward to July 1998. Sensing the timing was right, Chip made the decision to form his own company, C. Forbes, Inc. The company logo prominently features three stars, which as few people know, represent his three sons with wife Sharon. The pride and attention to detail exhibited by our Art Department, sales support, customer service and in-house order fulfillment remain a hallmark throughout the close-knit group of C. Forbes, Inc. employees.