July 25, 2018 – Richmond, VA – C. Forbes, Inc. announces the release of a new product in their Americana Collection – President’s House Commemorative Coin and Display Box. This commemorative coin has been designed and crafted by the talented artists at C. Forbes, Inc. to provide you a tangible memento of our nation’s first White House and its resident – President John Adams. Each and every design aspect of this coin has been specifically chosen to illustrate interesting and educational tidbits of White House history.

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President Adams moved into the Executive Mansion on Saturday, November 1, 1800. In a letter to his wife Mrs. Abigail Adams the President wrote, “I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this House, and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof”. (November, MDCCC) (1800).

These two sentences have since been inscribed into the White House’s dining room mantle. A look inside this presentation box reveals that one of the inner folds contains a picture of this very mantle. This mantle and prayer inspired the design of the coin’s obverse side. Color filled with black enamel, the obverse side displays the words of this prayer around an eagle and shield design.

This particular eagle was chosen from another unique piece of White House decor.  Our nation’s seventh President, Andrew Jackson used a crystal wine glass cooler with this eagle design etched into the glass sidewall. The wine cooler has lived near the inscribed mantle for years. Together, the eagle and the quote make for a beautifully simplistic obverse side of this commemorative coin.

The reverse side features the raised 3D carving of the White House’s original design. Neither the East nor the West wings were incorporated in James Hoban’s architectural design. One notes that the building was a bit more centralized and symmetrical than the White House of today. The polished silver building on the coin is surrounded by a hand-painted blue enamel border that marks the President’s house located in Washington D.C.

This commemorative coin is an exclusive design that measures 1¾”, crafted in hopes that it can become an educational piece of Presidential history that finds its way into your collection. This particular design is the latest in a continuing series of commemorative collectibles. Look for new President’s House designs in the future. Collect them all!

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