Our subsidiary firm, C. Forbes Creative took on an interesting project this year, one that arose as a result of the ongoing pandemic. When approached by the team at Copper Combat to assist in launching their new patent pending PPE product, we joined in the fight!

Objectives: Brand Development, Goto Market Creative Assets for Brand Awareness, B2B Sales Enablement.

Campaign Deliverables:

  • Brand Identity (Logo)
  • Web Presence (WordPress)
  • Product Photography
  • Product Illustrations
  • Buzz Video
  • Print Collateral

Copper Combat Story: 

Copper Combat was formed in Richmond, VA by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs in the midst of the public health crisis and global Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Knowing they had a proven solution put to utility use as an active germ fighting barrier on high touch public surfaces like door handles, they needed a creative partner to help them tell their story.

copper combat logo
Copper Combat Logo

Logo: With brand development as an objective, we wanted solid brand strength present in all deliverables, from web, to video, to print. C. Forbes Creative developed a logo that communicates the strong defense of a copper shield, the very heart of what the product is and does.

Video: When first approached by Copper Combat, our creative team was given the task of creating a product “Buzz Video” using a combination of live action, 3D animation, and illustrations to introduce and explain the product, use, and benefits.

Website: Our objective is to educate, brand awareness, and lead generation. A simple dark themed custom WordPress site does the trick. We include product photography, illustrations, and  links to related science and research, driving demand, qualifying intent with a simple form to request one of several follow ups, tracking users from the point of entry and beyond.

Screen Capture

If you need a firm to help roll out your startup, give C. Forbes Creative a call. We’ll chat about your needs. If it’s a fit, we’ll get to work.

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