Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of rain and a high of 49 degrees. If you’re planning to attend Friday’s Presidential Inaugural, be prepared for a chill in the air. The Presidential Oath of Office will be administered for the fifty-eighth time since 1789, as Donald J. Trump becomes the forty-fifth President of the United States.

Since the first Presidential inauguration two hundred and twenty-eight years ago, our country has faced tragedies and triumphs, highs and lows that have tested our strength and resolve. Yet, we still remain a country united. The site of this year’s inaugural will be on the West Terrace of the Capitol, in front of the National Mall. President Ronald Reagan first used this location in 1981 – one of many “firsts” attributed to inaugurations throughout the centuries.

C. Forbes, Inc. Inaugural Apparel Collection

C. Forbes, Inc. is pleased to offer our exclusive 2017 Inaugural Collection of custom – designed and produced apparel and accessory items to commemorate this historic occasion. We hope the collection will inspire you to showcase your pride and appreciate the peaceful transition of power that is uniquely American.

Fleece Pullover
For warmth and layering, may we suggest our navy ¼ zip fleece long sleeved pullover.  With a white embroidered image of the south façade of the White House, and text denoting the inaugural of the 45th President of the United States, this pullover adds a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Classic Polo Shirt
For warmer days ahead, our classic navy, three-button polo shirt is a wardrobe staple that pairs well with jeans or slacks. This shirt also features an understated white embroidered image of the south façade.

Brushed Twill Cap
To cap it off, we offer, what else, but a cap. Our stylish structured brush twill cap is navy with a white embroidered image of the south façade and inaugural text.  These items of apparel are all proudly made in the USA, and set you apart from the crowd.

Preparing for Dressier Occasions? Accessories for Your Consideration

If you’re looking to up your game, be it for inaugural festivities, black-tie events or other special occasions on your social calendar, we’ve got you covered. Your choice of our distinctive inaugural cufflinks and lapel pin; exclusive sets of enameled eagle cufflinks and eagle lapel pins; and elegant Great Seal and American Flag stud posts, let you add a sense of individuality to your attire while showcasing your American spirit.

As we prepare for the events of January 20, 2017, a quick look back at some inauguration “firsts” reminds us of how far we’ve come.

Inauguration Milestones

  • Washington, D.C. did not become the country’s seat of power until 1800. Therefore, the first U.S. Presidential inaugural, for George Washington, took place in New York City in 1789; four years later, his second inaugural took place in Philadelphia, as did John Adams’ in 1797.
  • Shortest inaugural address: George Washington’s second inaugural, with 135 words. (1793)
  • First inauguration held at the U.S. Capitol: Thomas Jefferson (1801)
  • First inaugural speech reprinted in newspaper: Thomas Jefferson (1801)
  • Only President to walk to and from his inaugural: Thomas Jefferson (1801)
  • First inaugural parade: hosted for President Jefferson’s second inaugural (1805)
  • First inaugural ball: hosted for James and Dolly Madison (1809)
  • Longest inaugural address: William H. Harrison’s 10,000 words, during a snowstorm. One month later, he died of pneumonia (1841). Brevity should always be considered.
  • First inauguration to be photographed: James Buchanan (1857)
  • First President to include African – Americans in his parade: Abraham Lincoln (1865)
  • First ceremony to be recorded by a motion picture camera: William McKinley (1897)
  • First time women were included in the inaugural parade: Woodrow Wilson’s second inaugural (1917)
  • First President to ride to and from his inaugural in a car: Warren Harding (1921)
  • First inaugural transmitted on radio: Calvin Coolidge (1925)
  • First inaugural recorded for a newsreel: Herbert Hoover (1929)
  • First inaugural held in the month of January: Franklin Roosevelt’s second inaugural (1937). Until 1937, all inaugurations were held in the month of March, hoping to avoid harsh winter weather. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution (passed in 1933) changed the date to January 20th.
  • First inaugural televised: Harry Truman (1949)
  • First inaugural televised in color: John F. Kennedy (1961)
  • Warmest inaugural in January: 55 degrees, for Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural (1981)
  • Coldest recorded inaugural temperature: seven degrees, for Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural. The ceremony was forced indoors. (1985)
  • First ceremony streamed on the internet: Bill Clinton’s second inaugural (1997)
  • First inaugural to be tweeted: (I think we know what the answer will be)

View and Purchase the Inaugural Collection

In recognition of the inauguration of the forty-fifth President of the United States, C. Forbes, Inc.’s exclusive Commemorative Inaugural Collection can be viewed and purchased in our Products Section.

Please contact us for more information on our products and customization process. Our mission is to design, produce and present quality, custom items that tell your story. We welcome the opportunity to combine your goals with our expertise to properly commemorate your unique anniversary, event or organization.

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