The year was 1816, and Eliphalet Remington II set out to make a better gun than anything he could purchase at the time.  Only months later, he did just that when he made his first firearm, a Flintlock Rifle, using a firing mechanism he purchased and a custom barrel he made himself. 

In the fall of 1816, Eliphalet’s handmade rifle earned him second place in a local shooting match. Before Eliphalet Remington II, only 23 at the time, could leave the shooting match, he had multiple orders for the rifle and the company was born.  In 1828, the company was incorporated and moved into a production facility near the Erie Canal in Ilion, New York.  The facility, which opened nearly 200 years ago, is still in use today by the Remington Company and remains one of the town’s largest employers.


                                                                                                                                                                 Eliphalet Remington II October 28, 1793 – August 12, 1861

Two hundred years after Eliphalet made that first rifle, the year 2016 will mark Remington Arms Company’s 200th Anniversary. The story of Remington is the story of America. Written arm in arm with the pioneers who settled this wild land, with our soldiers through every major U.S.military conflict, and with countless generations of hunters and shooters in the forming of our great sporting tradition, Remington has found a way to incorporate their firearm craftsmanship into the lives of all American citizens by providing reliable products of an unending variety. Owners of a Remington firearm know their rifle, pistol, or shotgun is a marker of both personal protection and the protection of an American tradition.

The Remington Arms Company has been America’s most prominent and successful gun-maker. To this day Remington remains humbled by their American spirit—a spirit driven by American craftsmanship. No other American gun-maker can compare to the quality and success that is provided by any and all of Remington’s weaponry. No other gun-maker can come close to being as historically significant as Remington.

C. Forbes, Inc. is proud to support and commemorate the bicentennial celebration of  Remington’s successful history with the release of this beautiful commemorative lapel pin, which was given to employees of Remington and distributed at trade shows. Dressed in Remington’s recognizable green and lined by silver lettering,this lapel pin emphasizes the humble roots of our American right to bear arms. When sporting this pin, you will pronounce the greatness of Remington’s unmatched quality of craftsmanship.


                                                             Remington Lapel Pin on the custom Lapel Pin card showing the original Remington factory in Ilion, New York

Much like Remington has been committed to American made products for 200 years, C. Forbes, Inc. maintains a large inventory of items that are made in the USA – items that range from coins and lapel pins to custom awards and apparel.  We continuously search for new companies that produce quality items that proudly carry the “Made in USA” tag.  Our belief is that these items not only help support our fellow Americans, but they are also items that are of higher quality, on which we can proudly and confidently put our name.  When browsing the product section of our website,please look for these items which will have our “Made in USA” logo in the description.    

For more information about this product, our other Made in USA products, or any item you would like customized, please feel free to contact us.



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