C. Forbes, Inc. has partnered with the City of Miami, Florida to help in commemorating the selfless men and women of the Miami Beach Fire-Rescue Department. The year 2015 marks the centennial year of celebration for this outstanding and historical United States Fire-Rescue Department. Our commemorative coins delineating the centennial year have been produced in coordination with the challenge coins for Engine #9 to help in cooperatively celebrating the services of many professional and volunteer men and women. In an effort to thank all, our project of recognition for outstanding effort has not just invited Engine 9, but all that make up the “Lemon City’s finest”. Our mission in providing these commemorative pieces is to pay respect to those who deserve it most—those who embody the vocation of always providing community services.

The year is 1915 and the City of Miami Beach has just recognized its first official team of professional firemen. At the time, the twenty-three men that made up this team were busy at work abandoning their horses and water buckets for the city’s first high-pressure hose system. By 1941 Station One arose and provided the first rescue services for the city. By 1965 Miami Fire-Rescue was the first Fire Department in the United States to successfully communicate directly to a hospital via radio contact. As technology expanded, so did the history of the Miami Fire-Rescue Department. Presently, Miami Fire-Rescue ranks as a Class 1 fire department, and so stands as one of the strongest examples of how a well functioning and highly advanced team of professionals and volunteers can work together to provide an indispensable service for the public.

Undoubtedly essential to the Miami community, this Fire-Rescue team and others deserve acknowledgement and recognition for their hard work and dedication to the safety and protection of all. The City of Miami Beach brags one of the most impressive fire histories and therefore has received full attention of the commemorative work produced here at C. Forbes, Inc.

For more information on the history and advancements of the Miami Fire-Rescue Department please visit www.miamigov.com/Fire/pages/default.asp. For more information on the commemorative work C. Forbes, Inc. is busy producing for Miami Fire-Rescue and others, please contact us.

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