In early October of 2001, less than one month after the attacks of 9/11, C. Forbes, Inc. was commissioned to help with the design and execution of a custom lapel pin for the United in Memory ceremony at the Pentagon. With approximately ten days to finalize the design, along with production, the custom United in Memory lapel pins were delivered for the ceremony.

Shortly after the ceremony, C. Forbes, Inc. was approached to design and produce a commemorative coin. Both the United in Memory coin and lapel pin represent the strength and resilience of our great nation and its military.

With September 11, 2011 approaching, C. Forbes, Inc. is proud to announce availability of the 10th Anniversary – United in Memory custom coin and lapel pin. The coin and lapel pin honors the memory of those that both risked or lost their lives a decade ago.

Mark Rhea, the Creative Director for C. Forbes, Inc. stated, “The bald eagle, with its wings forcefully extended, is girded by the Pentagon. Beneath the eagle is an olive branch, the international symbol of peace dating back to ancient Greece. Rays of sunshine emerge behind the translucent blue enamel backdrop as a reminder of hope.”

Mark continued, “The reverse side of the coin portrays one of the most iconic images from 9/11. First responders proudly unfurled our nation’s flag from the rooftop of the Pentagon for the world to see. The flag is represented in full color surrounded by the inscription, A Grateful Nation Remembers. The text is highlighted with a somber black background.”

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