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In the dawning days of our great nation, a tradition of gift giving among government leaders and their colleagues was established. Presidents, as well as other government officials, presented gifts to their counterparts as tokens of respect, appreciation, and good will. These gifts were often elegant and expressed gratitude for a specific achievement or event that deserved remembrance.

Today, C. Forbes, Inc. supports special events that touch our lives with gifts that carry on the values created by our great nation. It is our honor and privilege to continue this tradition by turning creativity and service into quality collectibles that commemorate events that our country will always remember.



  • World War I Commemorative Cuff Links and Lapel Pin

    In an effort to commemorate and educate the public about the sacrifices given by the servicemen and women of World War I, C. Forbes Inc. is proud to present these two beautifully designed cufflinks and lapel pins. Each commemorative piece incorporate [...]

  • World War I Centennial Memorial

    As an Official Licensee to the World War I Centennial Commission, C. Forbes Inc. has set out to never forget this remarkably significant war.  Our mission for commemoration has taken a much larger goal than just commemorative memorabilia, and ha [...]