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In the dawning days of our great nation, a tradition of gift giving among government leaders and their colleagues was established. Presidents, as well as other government officials, presented gifts to their counterparts as tokens of respect, appreciation, and good will. These gifts were often elegant and expressed gratitude for a specific achievement or event that deserved remembrance.

Today, C. Forbes, Inc. supports special events that touch our lives with gifts that carry on the values created by our great nation. It is our honor and privilege to continue this tradition by turning creativity and service into quality collectibles that commemorate events that our country will always remember.



  • 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

    A united nation is at the threshold of recognizing the Sesquicentennial – 150thAnniversary of the Civil War.  On April 12, 1861 at four-thirty in the morning the Confederates, under the command of General Pierre Beauregard, opened fire wit [...]

  • NASA Coin

    The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched on May 16, 2011 at 8:56 a.m. EDT commanded by Mark Kelly and his crew of five. STS-134 headed for the International Space Station on a 16-day mission transporting nickel-silver material that would later be used to [...]